Embroidery Designs and More  - Want to see your name or logo everywhere?
I want to tell you, I went to a conference and the women loved these new praise fans we made.  Sturdy construction, they are not flimsy at all!
Also, they are a nice size to fit in your bible or E-Reader case.  The price for our efforts is great too, they start at $15.00 and up.
No fan is really the same as we are creating the look as we sew them together. Fun, Sassy and a way to keep you cool this summer! 
Consider purchasing a matching lap scarf, tissue holder and praise fan for your loved one or yourself?
Guess what all you Preaching, Singing, Playing, shouting Men and Women of God!
I got a new vendor for Hand and Fingertip towels and they are awesome! The towels are velour on the top so your embroidery stands out and terry on the back to wipe  all your Holy Ghost filled sweat! 
Hand Towels embroidered with name and design are $20.00 and up, Fingertip towels with name or monogram are $18.00 and up. Additional cost for more detailed designs.
These towels are an awesome weight and wash well  in cold water… see the color array and place your orders soon… Think about that special church leader in your life you would like to bless.
I can embroider baseball caps!
In addition we branched out into screen printing and rhinestones... take a peak at some of the things we have done lately!
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